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ALMVGHTY Shifts the Streetwear Narrative

The hype, and hype beasts, are real. Only a matter of years ago, streetwear represented something subversive, an element of counterculture for those in conscious objection of the mainstream. Now with the ubiquity of brands like Supreme, which still reigns supreme thanks to brilliant marketing schemes and a consistent onslaught of collaborations, the landscape has changed drastically, and streetwear culture has become commonplace (even Hypebeast just posed the question, “Has Sneaker Hype Gone Too Far?”). But that’s not to say there can’t be game changers, and in a sea of heavily branded lines, Chicago-based ALMVGHTY stands out. We talked to 22-year-old founder Dondre Smith about his ambition, inspiration and how spirituality can play a role in streetwear... Read more

Meet Dondre Smith of ALMVGHTY

Dondre, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I consider myself a visionary more than anything. I’m 22 years old and I’m a college drop out.

I taught myself everything I know about designing and running a business. I learned a lot by trial & error and I’m still learning. I went to the University of Iowa the last 3 years studying pre pharmacy. I was accepted into the 4 year Pharmacy school program, but I decided to drop out after a redirection in my life’s calling from God... Read more

Where Black Owned Business Meets Culture

Advice: Believe in your ideas and never give up on them. People eventually recognize talent over time; you just need to be dedicated to improving your craft. It’s inevitable to progress with time, so just stay motivated. And make sure to establish a team! Read more

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When it comes to the start of his brand ALMVGHTY, Dondre Smith said that it began when he taught himself how to use photoshop and illustrator in his school’s computer lab. Since then, he had found success. He highlighted a recent event his brand coordinated: “The biggest achievement for my brand was the Civil Arts event we threw in the beginning of the year. It was our first fashion show and pop-up shop in Wicker Park Chicago. It was a successful event with a great turnout.” Read more