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A Purpose Driven Life

Every one of us on this earth has a dream. Some of us are pursuing our dreams but a lot of us have given up because seems too unrealistic, difficult, or impossible. Some of us tried and failed. Some of us haven't even started yet. And a lot of us are just going through the motion in life with no drive or motive behind anything we do. This is a life without purpose. But this isn't the life any of us really want to live...

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A World We Never Knew

Today, we released our second official short film. Part I is inspired by all the darkness we are experiencing in the world today. From the mass shooting in Vegas that happened today, to the severe hurricanes, and to terrorism we're facing as a nation. This short film was planned to release today months ago, and it so happened the mass killing in Vegas was just announced this morning. Prayers go up to everyone who were injured and their families. We are now living in a dangerous and dark time…

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Life is About Seasons

Hurricanes, Missiles, Tornadoes, War... As we enter into the best season for fashion, we dropped our first capsule collection of the year. Inspired by all the trouble we see going on in the world today. SZN I [The Storm] is the first of 3 capsule drops to come this Fall...

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